Why destroy user account?

2020-04-20 06:51 am by russ
What is the purpose of deleting the main user account and only leaving root? What problems, of any, would it cause if I chose not to remove the user?
2020-04-22 01:02 pm by johnny
The reason why you should delete an account before you install is -- it will create the users home directory in /home which is on the OS Disk. When you go through the setup wizard it has you create your first volume, this is where your users home directories will go, and all users should now be created from the webui
2020-04-30 08:48 pm by johnny
We are working on fixing this as it can be quite confusing. Basically it will go like this. If you create a user during install, the setup.php script will recognize this and move the home directory to the new location.