July 03, 2020 by Johnny

BTRFS File System Support

We just implemented BTRFS File System support into SimpNAS, if your on an older version of SimpNAS simply just upgrade to the latest SimpNAS and it will become available to add volume. BTRFS is a much newer file system. It should prevent things like bit rot. Keep in mind BTRFS is much slower.

UPDATE: There is a known issue with mounting btrfs volumes on older kernel releases for Armbian. The kernel that seems to be affected is 4.14, this can be fixed by installing a new kernel using armbian-config command in the shell.

June 30, 2020 by Johnny

Big Updates!!

1. The install.sh script now installs the debian backports version of smartmontools which doesn't depend on Python 2 and is a much newer version. This also sped up the install process a bit.

2. Added single disk support OS/Data, although not recommended

3. Updated the update system - Dashboard now shows the latest version, when you choose updates it will now show the changes between the installed version and the current.

4. We added Re-Scan Disks button to add volume in setup as well as add volume in the main web UI.

5. The system no longer reboots after setup it now directs you to the login screen.

6. Removed all the unnecessary plugin files reduced the amount of files in general, reworked some of the file hierarchy and layout.