Usage - FAQs

Created: 2020-07-02 18:02:00 || Updated: 2022-02-06 12:50:53

Where on the file system is the Web UI located at?

The WebUI is located /simpnas

What package format do you use for the APPs?

We use docker and most of the docker images are provided by

Where are APPs stored on the file system hierarchy?

The apps and their configuration is stored in /volumes/YOURFIRSTVOLUMENAME/docker/APPNAME

Why did you create another Opensource NAS solution and how is it different than OpenMediaVault, FreeNAS, etc?

We created SimpNAS because we simply wanted to make Network Attached Storage simple.

Do you support Ubuntu?

Short answer No, but im sure you'll find a way to get to work ;-)

What is the purpose of deleting the main user account and only leaving root upon installation?  

     The reason why the installation deletes the a user account before you install is -- it will create the users home directory in /home which is on the     System Disk. When you go through the setup wizard it has you create your first volume, this is where your users home directories will go, and all users should now be created from the Web UI

Why are the share permissions so limited, how can I give read write permission to multiple groups and users?

You give permission to shares based off the assigned group. Then you assign the users that need access to that share to that group. Users can be assigned multiple groups, so they can have access to multiple shares.

Can I run my own docker containers besides the ones SimpNAS allows me to?

Absolutely! they just won't show up in the SImpNAS Web UI, but can easily managed by apps like Portainer.